September 28 was the day the Hong Kong government had decided to use tear gas and pepper spray against the citizens who were having silent protest on the street. Without any warnings, the protesters could only use the umbrellas they used for the daytime sun exposure to protect themselves from the pepper spray. I remember I was in New York at that time and feeling helpless. I couldn't be there with the rest of the Hong Kongers, so I had channeled my energy and emotions into creating this umbrella movement inspired brand called 928.
The silhouette of the jacket is inspired by the shape of an opened umbrella. The yellow shawl collar represents the yellow ribbon. The clear vizor on the hood symbolizes the goggles that were used for protection from the pepper spray attacks. The main fabric is in deep gray with blue and gray stripes—if you squint your eyes, the pattern looks like the Hong Kong city scape at night during the movement. 

When I made this jacket, I just wanted to do something that would be meaningful for this event. I wanted to wear this to show my support for Hong Kong. A place where I grew up. My home. 

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