Cystic fibrosis is a hereditary disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. It can be life-threatening and scary for both patients and their caregivers.  Eugene The Gene is here to explain the complicated science behind it through a series of comics.
The birth of Eugene

When the client first came to us with a task asking for a downloadable PDF on the website that contains the same info on the website already. I immediately questioned, "Why?"—Why would our viewers want to download a PDF that they can print directly from the website? How does it add value to the brand?
Turns out that the client had a small budget that needed to be spent, and they went with the most straight forward solution, so I did some research and suggested that we should create a tool that will help bridge the communications between patients (age 2-17) and caregivers. Still a downloadable PDF (to keep within the budget and time constraints) but it's a downloadable comic strip that the caregivers can read with their kids with CF.

Animation Video

With the well-received feedback from testing, Eugene is brought to live in motions as well.
(in partnership with Watermark)
Website Implementation

A website update to make Eugene a feature​​​​​​​
(in partnership with Dan Lee for UX)
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